Learn SEO to make a Blog in the first position of Google has proven to be

Learn SEO to make a Blog in the first position of Google has proven to be

Being number one on the first page of google is the hope of every person. But to put the Blog on the position is very difficult and it takes a maximum effort.

But no need to worry! For I will share a very important information to maximize your blog in the search engines. This way is very simple all you just need a little time to focus on the information that I am going to share it. Google's search engine will display a nice content and quality as well as having benefits for many people.

What you need to prepare to become the first in the google search engine?

1. the Original article.

This is very important and cannot be ignored, the original article being the most preferred by google search. Create articles you write yourself to have an attraction for google to do index every page. Therefore require a little knowledge about writing a good article and not spam

Write the content into your hobbies in order to have lots of ideas and never run out. Write content with the minimum number of characters 500-1000 said the more the number of words you write it will be increasingly good for search engines. Visitors will also prefer to linger on in the blog in the article found in the search and provide a more detailed explanation.

Make the job of writing the content as the most interesting and you like so that it will never get bored.

2. Choose a Template blog which already SEO Friendly.

The selection of the wrong Blog template will result in the article would be very difficult in the google search engine can successfully crawl. So it is very hard pressed to find your article on the first sheet on google.

Because the use of a template that will provide good signal on the google search engine and ordered to crawl all the pages in the blog. Of course this will be very profitable lifeline of your blog. If all the articles on the index is very muah once found the articles we write.

With many of the articles included in the google index of course will make your blog more and more visitors. The page will look in a lot more on the first google search engine compared with a slightly with the page seen by visitors.

3. create a natural backlink.

Create backlinks naturally so as not to look like the way blogger spam. Create backlinks with sofware thus will be very dangerous for the survival of your blog. In fact spam Blog will quickly sink could not even find in search engines. Because the way it is entirely in the google search Engine by hate.

If I prefer making natural backlinks in a way make a visit to the blogs that have the same topic with your blog belongs to us. Then you can insert a link that leads to a page of your blog. The way to do it consistently every day maximal 5 backlinks. This will really help you raise the position of the articles you've written on google's search engine in this way was a lot in doing the master SEO world.

4. Share to social media.

We cannot ignore that social media is one of the ways the right promotion for our blogs. This way belongs to the free way, for we know social media has become the gathering place for many people. We share the blog into social media will certainly have great opportunities blog will be the arrival of many visitors.

You can try to share the content of your blog into Facebook, tweeter, google + because the media is media that is most preferred. I've tried this way and very influential to some blogs that I manage. Ranking on the search engines on the first page of google.

This simple way you need to try if you want your blog has a good position in google's search engine.
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